Aliens: Colonial Marines is number one

But does it deserve to be?
Darren Allan

February 19, 2013
aliens colonial marines

Aliens: Colonial Marines has secured the top spot in the UK all-format chart, knocking last week’s number one, Dead Space 3, down to number two.

The Sega shooter has been slated by reviewers for its uninspired gameplay and dated graphics, but that didn’t stop Alien(s) fans buying it in their droves, and making it the biggest selling game of 2013 thus far – outdoing Dead Space 3’s debut week. Indeed, Dead Space 3 sales dropped by almost 60 per cent this week.

It still sold enough to keep it ahead of EA’s other game, FIFA 13, at number three though, despite a half-term boost in sales for FIFA to the tune of 40 per cent. As we’ve said before, we’re expecting FIFA 13 to be a pretty permanent fixture in the top ten this year.

Another pair of shooters followed FIFA and kept hold of their upper chart positions, namely Black Ops II and Far Cry 3.

A price promotion saw Assassin’s Creed III going up to number six, and that was followed by Need for Speed Most Wanted.

Just Dance 4 is still in the top ten at number eight, followed by Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed, and Halo 4.

Hitman Absolution slipped out of the top ten for the first time since it was released, down to number eleven.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch had the most dramatic slide, though – from number six to number twenty-five (and it wasn’t all that long ago that it was number one).


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  1. Harold says:

    Are you on drugs, or just getting paid to lie? You know darn well the game was released totally buggy, and that gamers world wide got ripped off, while Gearbox continues to steal gamers dollars by charging full price for a dollar’s worth of effort! What’s this world coming to?

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