Facebook rejigs news feed

Darren Allan

March 8, 2013

Facebook has made a major alteration to its site layout, and this time the social network is overhauling the news feed.

The redesign involves a “fresh look” for stories posted in the feed, with bigger and bolder pictures being the primary element of the tinkering. You can see the before and after pic above – more space, and more prominent images.

The other major change is a move to categorise feed stories, enabling users to select filters to see specific content.

An All Friends feed will show you everything that friends are sharing, and Facebook is introducing a Photos feed, which shows only photos, and a Music feed that deals specifically with the music you like and have been listening to.

A Following feed will round up all the recent stories from those people you follow, and pages you have liked.

The theory is, then, that you’ll be able to filter and find more relevant content quickly – and personalise your own virtual “newspaper – plus, of course, more targeted advertising will be spun off the back of this system, as Facebook strives to further monetise itself.

The danger? Well that’s going to be users seeing this as a general complication of the interface, and unwelcome in that respect. Most Facebook changes invoke some kind of backlash, and we’re betting this will be the case here.

More prominent targeted adverts probably won’t help, either – but we’ll just have to see the system before we make any judgements.

The overhaul is also designed to mean that Facebook will maintain the same appearance across desktops, tablets and mobiles – which is obviously a sensible move.

The fresh news feed will be rolling out “over the coming weeks” to users, and the app changes will come to iOS apps first, followed by Android later.


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