Are Vision Express comment spamming blogs?

Brian Turner

September 16, 2010

Blog comment spam is a nuisance at best, and at worse an intentional act of vandalism on websites.

However, recently we’ve seen some blog spam come up linking to Vision Express of all places.

While it’s possible that these are malicious comments unconnected with the company, it is also possible that Vision Express have hired a clueless SEO company to provide a link building campaign – which happens to involve blog spamming.

The comment appears as follows:

Submitted on 2010/09/14 at 9:57am

I think it should be encouraged to have an eye test, like myself I have no idea when I had one last. It has to be touching ten years, so I definitely need to go for an eye test.

The comment includes an attempt to link bomb for “eye test”, with the link going through to

If this is a SEO campaign it’s a pretty clueless one – any links in blog comments on most sites will be automatically rendered as “no follow”. According to Google, nofollow links carry no weight in their ranking algorithm.

In which case, the question needs to be asked whether the company Vision Express have bought into a cheap “Indian SEO” solution, who are famous for spammy SEO that delivers little.

Or is somebody maliciously running a blog comment campaign in an attempt to smear Vision Express?

Unfortunately, at this point it is hard to tell, but the fact remains that blog spam in general is used in a very targeted manner by idiot spammers. And to all intents, it appears that Vision Express are joining this filthy band wagon.


Comments in chronological order (4 comments)

  1. Thomas says:

    Oh dear, seems like Vision Express are taking a rather short sighted approach to SEO. Perhaps with hindsight they will see that this is not the way forward.

  2. John Peter Barnes says:

    Awful spamming techniques, they may be able to fool the search engines for a while but these black hat techniues will catch up with them.

  3. Kevin says:

    Sack the SEO agency i think its walker media!

  4. john whittle says:

    who are this micky mouse seo agency? walker media?

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