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Comag/SilverCrest Good all-round receivers, some of which are 'patchable'

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Default How to patch Comag/Silvercrest SL65/12 or Tevion receiver.

The following information is for educational purposes only!

There is a lot of info on this excellent forum concerning the above receiver. I thought it may be helpful to have a detailed description of how it can be patched.
This receiver appears in various guises and has been on sale at Lidl, Maplins and Aldi and others. These instructions are specifically for the 12v or camping model. By following them, you should be able to successfully patch your receiver. However you should be aware that there is always a danger of corrupting your receiver when updating the original software - so you do so at your own risk. This little receiver is ideal for recreation/travelling but is not really for serious use.

I bought a Tevion brand receiver from Aldi, as part of a mini satellite (portable) system, which I have found is the same as the Comag SL65/12v receiver and the Silvercrest SL65/12 receiver. More importantly it uses the ALI M3329 B1 chipset which is patchable using the correct software.

Before you proceed, I would recommend that you positively identify your chipset by removing the outer casing of your box. This way you will not be left with an expensive doorstop on your hands. You should see a square chip on the main board, with a very thin metal cover (heat sink!). You will need to remove this (I used my thumb nail), to reveal the type of chip. If it is marked ALI M3329 B1 then it can be patched. Edit 27/06/08 - If it is an E1 it can be patched.

See :- Photos of B1 and E1 chipsets

If it has ALI M3329 A1 written on it, then resign yourself to watching FTA channels only. To repair the damage that you have just inflicted on your box, you will need to purchase some heat sink compound to re-attach the heat sink to the chip. Remove all remnants of the original gunk before doing this. You can now replace the outer casing.

OK, so in order to patch the receiver you will need a 9 pin serial null modem c@ble and a suitable PC with RS232 serial port.

Update 05/11/07: Although the following firmware works fine, it is now possible to flash the 'B1' chipset with modified Truman firmware - which is more upto date. Credit must go to TrumanCapote, andysly and others for their brilliant findings. Please follow the thread in it's entirety as it has been a work in progress!

Details here: Mod Truman for SL65(B1-6pin)

Files for B1 and E1 here : _http://satboard.uk.to/forum

Older Firmware option below (see link for Mod Truman option directly above for newer method!)

The patches and loaders which I used, are contained in a file 'SL65A.zip' which I found here
_http://satboard.uk.to/forum, or google 'SL65A.zip'.

Turn PC off, connect your null modem c@ble up to your receiver and switch on PC and receiver. (Make sure your box is switched 'on' and not in 'standby'.

Unzip the file and launch the Upgrade_DVB.exe
Browse for the SW_SL65_A.bin, and click next

You should see:-

Test serial port status..........................Finished

Collect STB information.........................Finished

Starting download..............................

Wait until the process has completed.

Now launch KeyUpdater_04Sep2006.exe

This time browse for Key27012007.bin

Click next and follow the on screen instructions.

Once complete turn off and restart your receiver.

You should now be presented with a language menu.

Select your language.

If you now key 2580 you should receive the on screen message 'cas enabled!'

If you go to the 'Installation' menu, you should have the option 'Key editor'

Here you can enter keys for the relevant provider.
Press Fav button and keys 1-6 will enter A-F. Press again to return to number entry.

Save keys and exit.

That's it!

Have fun.

They're coming to take me away haha

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Default Re: How to patch Comag/Silvercrest SL65/12 or Tevion receiver.

Excellent job mate

Made sticky.
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Default Re: How to patch Comag/Silvercrest SL65/12 or Tevion receiver.

Originally Posted by BGonaSTICK
Excellent job mate

Made sticky.
I second that to,im sure this will help people.Im think the SL55 maybe a bit different,but dont hold me to this.

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Default Re: How to patch Comag/Silvercrest SL65/12 or Tevion receiver.

Thread split. See here for discussion:-

Comag/Silvercrest/Tevion Discussion
They're coming to take me away haha

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