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Exclamation Sirius-4(4.8°east) DETAILS FREQUANCY LIST & CHANNEL LIST

11727 H 27500 3/4 (Tp:B1/EUROPE BSS BEAM) Europe by Satellite
*Europe by Satellite (200/201 Org-202 E-203 Fre-204 Ger-205 Ita-206 Spa-207 Gre-208 Por-209 Du-210 Den-211 Fin-212 Swe-213 Cze-214 Est-215 Lat-216 Lit-217 Hun-218 Malta-219 Pol-220 Slk-221 Slo-222 Bul-223 Rom-224 Irl) SID:701 (FTA)
*EU test (400/401 Org-402 E-403 Fre-404 Ger-405 Ita-406 Spa-407 Gre-408 Por-409 Du-410 Den-411 Fin-412 Swe-413 Cze-414 Est-415 Lat-416 Lit-417 Hun-418 Malta-419 Pol-420 Slk-421 Sli-422 Bul-423 Rom-424 Irl) SID:702

11747 V 27500 3/4 (Tp:B2/NORDIC BSS BEAM) VIASAT(NDS)
*Viasat Xtra 1 (8001/8002 Swe) SID:8000
*Viasat Xtra 2 (8011/8012 Swe-8013 Org) SID:8010
*Viasat Xtra 3 (8021/8022 Swe-8023 Org) SID:8020
*Viasat Xtra 4 (8031/8032 Swe-8033 Org) SID:8030
*Viasat Xtra 5 (8041/8042 Swe-8043 Org) SID:8040
*Sasongskortet Fotboll 3 (8051/8052 Swe) SID:8050
*Sasongskortet Fotboll 4 (8061/8062 Swe) SID:8060
*Sasongskortet Fotboll 5 (8071/8072 Swe) SID:8070
*TV4 Sweden (8091/8092 Swe) SID:8090
*Sasongskortet Fotboll 1 (8161/8162 Swe) SID:8160
*Sasongskortet Fotboll 2 (8171/8172 Swe) SID:8170


*TET (6111/6112 Ukr) SID:6110(BISS)
*Novy Kanal (6121/6122 Ukr) SID:6120
*Glas (6131/6132 Ukr-6133 Rus) SID:6130
*TRK Ukraine (6141/6142 Ukr) SID:6140 (VIA2.6)
*KRT Ukraine (6151/6152 Ukr) SID:6150
*Star TV Ukraine (6161/6162 Ukr) SID:6160
*Rada(Ukr.Parliament Channel) (6171/6172 Ukr) SID:6170
*5 Kanal (6191/6192 Ukr) SID:6190

*UR1 (aPID:6101 Ukr) SID:6100
*UR2 (aPID:6107 Ukr) SID:6102
*Radio Ukraine Int. (aPID:6103 Ukr) SID:6103
*UR3 (aPID:6109 Ukr) SID:6108
*Radio Era (aPID:6188 Ukr) SID:6186
*Love Radio (aPID:6163 Ukr) SID:6189


11785 V 27500 3/4 (Tp:B4/NORDIC BSS BEAM) VIASAT(NDS)
*SVT2 Nordnytt (2301/2302 Swe) SID:2300
*SVT2 Vasterbottensnytt (2311/2312 Swe) SID:2310
*SVT2 Mittnytt (2321/2322 Swe) SID:2320
*SVT2 Gavledala (2331/2332 Swe) SID:2330
*SVT2 Varmlandsnytt (2341/2342 Swe) SID:2340
*SVT2 Tvarsnytt (2351/2352 Swe) SID:2350
*SVT2 ABC.nytt (2361/2362 Swe) SID:2360
*SVT2 Östnytt (2371/2372 Swe) SID:2370
*SVT2 Vastnytt (2381/2382 swe) SID:2380
*SVT2 Smalandsnytt (2391/2392 Swe) SID:2390
*SVT2 Sydnytt (2401/2402 Swe) SID:2400
*SVT2 (2411/2412 Swe-2414 AC3 Swe) SID:2410
*SVT24 Nordnytt (2451/2452 Swe) SID:2450
*SVT24 Vasterbottensnytt (2461/2462 Swe) SID:2460
*SVT24 Mittnytt (2471/2472 Swe) SID:2470
*SVT24 Gavledala (2481/2482 Swe) SID:2480
*SVT24 Varmlandsnytt (2491/2492 Swe) SID:2490
*SVT24 Tvarsnytt (2501/2502 Swe) SID:2500
*SVT24 ABC-nytt (2511/2512 Swe) SID:2510
*SVT24 Östnytt (2521/2522 Swe) SID:2520
*SVT24 Vastnytt (2531/2532 Swe) SID:2530
*SVT24 Smalandsnytt (2541/2542 Swe) SID:2540
*SVT24 Sydnytt (2551/2552 Swe) SID:2550
*SVT 24 (2561/2562 Swe-2564 AC3 Swe) SID:2560


11804 H 27500 3/4 (Tp:B5/NORDIC BSS BEAM) VIASAT[NDS)
*TV 400 (6001/6002 Swe) SID:6000
*TV2 Filmkanalen (6011/6012 Nor) SID:6010
*Ticket E***** (6021/6022 E) SID:6020
*MTV Norway (6041/6042 Nor) SID:6040
*Viasat History (6051/6052 Swe-6053 Nor-6054 Den-6055 Cze-6057 Rus-6058 Pol-6059 E-6088 Hun) SID:6050
*Viasat Sport2 (6061/6062 Swe-6063 Nor-6064 Den-6065 Rus) SID:6060
*Viasat Sport3 (6071/6072 Swe-6073 Nor-6074 Den-6075 Rus) SID:6070
*TV4 Plus (6081/6082 Swe) SID:6080
*TV4 Film (6091/6092 Swe) SID:6090


11823 V 27500 3/4 (Tp:B6/NORDIC BSS BEAM) VIASAT(NDS)
*DR 1 (7011/7012 Den) SID:7010
*DR 2 (7021/7022 Den) SID:7020
*TV 8 (7031/7032 Den) SID:7030
*CNN Int.Europe (7041/7042 E) SID:7040
*Viasat Explorer(04-23) (7051/7052 Swe-7053 Nor-7054 Den-7055 Cze-7058 Rus-7059 Pol-7220 E-7221 Hun) SID:7050
*Spice Platinum(23-04) (7051/7052 E) SID:7050
*TV2 Sport DK (7061/7062 Den) SID:7060
*MTV DK (7071/7072 Den) SID:7070
*TV 1000 Ruski Kino (7081/7082 Rus) SID:7080

*DR P1 (aPID:7211 Den) SID:7210
*DR P3 (aPID:7213 Den) SID:7212
*DR Klassik (aPID:7215 Den) SID:7214


11843 H 27500 3/4 (Tp:B7/NORDIC BSS BEAM) VIASAT(NDS)
*1st Baltic Channel Estonia (6201/6202 Rus) SID:6200 (+VIA2.6)
*1st Baltic Channel Latvia (6211/6212 Rus-6213 Lat) SID:6210 (+VIA2.6)
*1st Baltic Channel Lituania (6221/6222 Rus) SID:6220
*1st Baltic Music Channel (6231/6232 Rus) SID:6230(FTA)
*REN TV Baltic (6241/6242 Est) SID:6240 (+VIA2.6)
*LNK (6246/6247 Lat) SID:6245
*TV1 Lithuania (6281/6282 Lit) SID:6280

*TV5 (6291/6292 Rus) SID:6290(FTA)
*LTV 7 (6296/6297 Lit) SID:6295
*Radio Pükas (aPID:6217 Lit) SID:6216
*Radio Pükas 2 (aPID:6227 Lit) SID:6226


11862 V 27500 3/4 (Tp:B8/NORDIC BSS BEAM) VIASAT(NDS)
*FEM TV (3401/3402 Fin) SID:3400
*Nickelodeon Nordic (3451/3452 Dan-3453 Nor-3454 E&Fin) SID:3450
*MTV Europe (3451/3452 E) SID:3450
*Z TV Sweden (3461/3462 Swe) SID:3460

*Viasat Classic Radio 2 (aPID:3495) SID:3494

11881 H 27500 3/4 (Tp:B9/NORDIC BSS BEAM) VIASAT(NDS)
*SVT 1 (5001/5002 Swe-5003 AC3 Swe) SID:5000
*SVT 2 (5011/5012 Swe- 5013 AC3 Swe) SID:5010
*SVT 24 (5021/5022 Swe) SID:5020
*Barnkanalen (5031/5032 Swe) SID:5030
*SVT Extra (5031/5032 Swe) SID:5040
*TV 1000 Plus One (5051/5052 Swe-5053 Nor-5054 Den-5055 Fin-5056 AC3 E) SID:5050

*GOD Channel (5061/5062 E) SID:5060
*Kanal 10 (5071/5072 E) SID:5070
*Sirius Channel (5081/5082 Swe) SID:5080

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Default Re: Sirius-4(4.8°east) DETAILS FREQUANCY LIST & CHANNEL LIST

Or you could just look it up here:


which is far easier to read!

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Default Re: Sirius-4(4.8°east) DETAILS FREQUANCY LIST & CHANNEL LIST

11900 V 27500 3/4 (Tp:10/NORDIC BSS BEAM) VIASAT (NDS)
*Viasat Sport Russia (6801/6802 Rus-6803 Org) SID:6800
*Kanal 2 Estonia (6811/6812 Est) SID:6810
*TV 6 Latvia (6831/6832 Lat) SID:6830
*BTV (6841/6842 Lit) SID:6840
*TV 6 Estonia (6851/6852 Est) SID:6850
*MTV Estonia (6861/6862 Est) SID:6860 (+VIA2.6)
*MTV Latvia (6871/6872 Lat) SID:6870 (+VIA2.6)
*MTV Lithuania (6881/6882 Lit) SID:6880
*REN TV Estonia (6891/6892 Est) SID:6890 (FTA)

11919 H 27500 3/4 (Tp:B11/NORDIC BSS BEAM) VIASAT (NDS)
*Viasat Golf (4401/4402 Swe-4403 Nor-4404 Den-4405 Fin) SID:4400
*MTV3 Max (4411/4412 E) SID:4410
*MTV3 Leffa (4421/4422 E) SID:4420
*MTV3 Fakta (4431/4432 E) SID:4430
*Sub TV Junior (4441/4442 Fin) SID:4440
*TV2 Nyhetskanalen (4451/4452 Nor) SID:4450
*TV 1000 Premium (4461/4462 Lit-4463 Let-4464 Est-4465 Rus) SID:4460
*Planeta Sport (4471/4472 Rus) SID:4470
*MTV3 Ava (4481/4482 E) SID:4480
*MTV3 Sarja (4496/4497 E) SID:4495

11938 V 27500 3/4 (Tp:B12/NORDIC BSS BEAM) VIASAT (NDS)
*RTR Planeta (3601/3602 Rus) SID:3600
*Cartoon Network(06-21)/TCM(21-06) (3611/3612 E-3613 Rus) SID:3610
*Discovery Channel Russia (3631/3632 Rus-3633 E) SID:3630
*TV3 Mitt (3641/3642 Swe) SID:3640
*TV3 Öst (3651/3652 Swe) SID:3650
*TV3 Vast (3661/3662 Swe) SID:3660
*TV3 Syd (3671/3672 Swe) SID:3670
*TV3 Nord (3681/3682 Swe) SID:3680
*CNBC(06-12) (3691/3692 E) SID:3690
*National Geographic Channel(12-06) (3691/3692 Swe-3693 Nor-3694 Den-3695 Fin) SID:3690
*Club/Dance (aPID:3715) SID:3714
*Golden Oldies (aPID:3717) SID:3716
*Jazz (aPID:3719) SID:3718
*Bandit Rock (aPID:3721) SID:3720
*Classic (aPID:3723) SID:3722 (FTA)
*Disco (aPID:3725) SID:3724
*Lugna Favoriter (aPID:3727) SID:3726
*Soul R&B (aPID:3729) SID:3728
*Star FM (aPID:3731) SID:3730
*Super 80’s (aPID:3733) SID:3732


11958 H 27500 3/4 (Tp:B13/NORDIC BSS BEAM) VIASAT (NDS)
*TV3 Latvia (630166302 Lat) SID:6300
*3+ Baltics (6311/6312 Lat) SID:6310
*3+ Estonia (6321/6322 Est) SID:6320
*TV3 Estonia (6331/6332 Est) SID:6330
*TV3 Lithuania (6341/6342 Lit) SID:6340
*Tango TV (6351/6352 Lit) SID:6350
*LNT Latvia (6361/6362 Lat) SID:6360
*Lithuanian TV1 (6371/6372 Lit) SID:6370 (+VIA2.6)
*ETV (6381/6382 Est) SID:6380
*LTV 1 (6391/6392 Lit) SID:6390
*Power Hit Radio (aPID:6336 Est) SID:6335
*Star FM Estonia (aPID:6356 Est) SID:6355

11977 V 27500 3/4 (Tp:B14/NORDIC BSS BEAM) VIASAT (NDS)
*Viasat Sport 1 (2101/2102 Swe-2103 Fin) SID:2100
*Viasat Nature/Crime(04-24) (2111/2112 swe-2113 Nor-2114 Den-2115 Fin) SID:2110
*Playboy TV(00-04) (2111/2112 E) SID:2110
*BBC World News (2121/2122 E) SID:2120
*TV3+ (2130/2132 Swe) SID:2130
*Hallmark Channel (2141/2142 E) SID:2140
*MTV Sweden (2151/2152 Swe) SID:2150
*Viasat 4 (2161/2162 Nor) SID:2160
*TV 1000 East (2171/2172 Rus-E) SID:2170
*TV4 Fakta (2181/2182 Swe) SID:2180
*P4 Radio Norge (aPID:2235 Nor) SID:2234

11996 H 27500 3/4 (Tp:B15/NORDIC BSS BEAM) VIASAT (NDS)
*TVN Chile Nordic (4001/4002 Spa) SID:4000
*Kanal 75 (4021/4022 Swe) SID:4020
*Spelkanalen (4031/4032 Swe) SID:4030
*Kanal 5 Sweden (4051/4052 Swe) SID:4050
*Sport N (4061/4062 Nor) SID:4060
*Russia Today (4081/4082 E) SID:4080

12015 V 27500 5/6 (Tp:B16/NORDIC BSS BEAM) VIASAT (NDS)
*NRK1 (512/640 Nor) SID:1501
*NRK2 (525/692 Nor) SID:1502
*NRK1 Tegnsprak (524/688 Nor) SID:1516
*NRK1 Östafjells (522/680 Nor) SID:1520
*NRK1 Nordnytt (513/644 Nor) SID:1521
*NRK1 Nordland (514/648 Nor) SID:3502
*NRK1 Midnytt (515/652 Nor) SID:3503
*NRK1 More og Romsdal (516/656 Nor) SID:3504
*NRK1 Vestlandsrevyen (517/660 Nor) SID:3505
*NRK1 Rogaland (518/664 Nor) SID:3506
*NRK1 Sörlandet (519/668 Nor) SID:3507
*NRK1 Östnytt (520/672 Nor) SID:3508
*NRK1 Östfold (523/684 Nor) SID:3509
*NRK Super/NRK3 (521/676 Nor) SID:3510
*NRK Nyheter (aPID:707 Nor) SID:511
*NRK P1 (aPID:700 Nor) SID:1503
*NRK P2 (aPID:701 Nor) SID:1504
*NRK P3 (aPID:702 Nor) SID:1505
*NRK Klassik (aPID:703 Nor) SID:1507
*NRK Sami Radio (aPID:704 Nor) SID:1510
*NRK Storting (aPID:705 Nor) SID:1514
*NRK mp3 (aPID:706 Nor) SID:1515
*NRK Folkemusik (aPID:708 Nor) SID:3501
*NRK Varet til sjos (aPID:709 Nor) SID:3511
*NRK Super (aPID:710 Nor) SID:3513
*NRK Gull (aPID:711 Nor) SID:3514

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