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Default can not connect seriel port error

Originally Posted by mushi99 View Post
Dear nih@sh i tried what u said a bove but when i connect my reciever to laptop nd i use ALIMUPG5.5 as loader i got this mgs from ALIMUPG5.5
Please power on your STB.
Open Serial Port..
Sync to serial port..
Target not connect or target is error status!

nd another msg from reciever says that (ASH)...
what the meaning of these two msgs??
hi my friend
To do the upgrade, turn off the STB and connect the STB to the PC using a null
modem cable (2-3 3-2 5-5), then start the program in the PC, select the new
firmware to load and start the upgrade procedure, then turn the STB on and the
upgrade process will begin. Follow the screen instructions.

you must
click conect in loader
power on your STB
good luck
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