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^^COMPASS^^ 19-02-07 09:06 PM

hotbird13e & astra19.2e channel listings
New channel updates 13 & 19.2e


Hi guys, i asked a few days ago if anyone was interested in this channels list for 13e & 19.2e and it seems you do so here is a rough draft!

13.2,19e.... list 1
There is 2 versions to choose from, 1st being all pay channel sorted into individual packages and places in the satellite positions and accessed through the (SAT) button, so there is about 20 packages on 13e and about the same on 19.2

I haven't really done much with the favorites yes exept news/music & religion!
There is also some loose channels for both 13 & 19.2 which are the non pay tv channels..

16,0207...list 2
This is a much simpler list which contains FULL channel updates for both 13 & 19.2 and then tps/multi / premiere / polsat / digital plus as separate sat positions and again a couple of favorites.

These lists are not complete as its taken me ages to get them done but i will post a more complete list and updates as and when.

Please let me know which one you prefer and any ideas for improvements and as always back up your own channel lists first so you can switch back if you don't like these

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