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  1. Craig Rowley
  2. Craig Rowley
  3. Chris6863
    Hy, Can anybody please help me with code for my blaupunkt radio for Punto? Sn Bp9372Y1151215 And pn is 7649372316 Thank you very much!
  4. Emmielou23704
    Hi, looking for fiat punto radio code please bp137623256220 7641 376 316
  5. jason26
    jason26 ^^COMPASS^^
    i have an open box v8s and had lots of gift running on it.can please show me how to check what gift is running on it now
  6. monkey666
    monkey666 ksenghani
    RE: Ambit 250

    hi I was reading your old post on ambit 250 flashing can you contact me via email I need some help with flashing a ambit 250 cable modem my email is

    "easy way is pm me u r email i will give u my contact ian will explain what u need and how to use it it takes 10 mins to flash the modem if u have right tools and files i can send you the whole pakage with step by step tut"
  7. markko
    markko paxrax
    Not sure I should be asking this, who do you get your sub off.
    1. paxrax
      drop me an email to and ill sort you out a test pal ;-)
      Jun 15, 2016