DHCP WARNING - Non-critical field invalid in response.

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    Hey guys, I need some help setting up my Ambit 250 modem to connect to the internet VIA a subbed MAC address from a friends router.
    Im having trouble with it as you can see by the event log. Does anyone know what the problem could be ? Iv'e posted all the settings I have on the modem.
    although haxorware is telling me my modem is a motorola ? Anyway here are the setting and I would be very greatful if someone can put me in the right direction.

    - SETTINGS -

    Version 1.1 Revision 39

    - EVENT LOG -
    Critical R004.0 Received Response to Broadcast Maintenance Request, But no Unicast Maintenance o (My friend did mention his net was off for awhile because they are doing Maintenance)

    Critical D003.0 DHCP WARNING - Non-critical field invalid in response. (This pop's up with any MAC address I use)

    - OVERVIEW -
    Acquire Downstream Channel Done
    Obtain Upstream Parameters Done
    Upstream Ranging Done
    Establish IP Connectivity Done
    Retrieve Time of Day Done
    Negotiate security Done
    Receive configuration Done
    Register connection Done
    Cable modem status Operational
    HFC Parameters
    Mode DHCP
    IP Address
    TFTP Server
    TFTP Filename 69834ncxv9873254k;fg
    ToD Server
    Configuration file
    Name 69834ncxv9873254k;fg (This changed often)
    Size 1208 bytes
    Compliance DOCSIS 1.1 < I'm told this won't work ?

    - SIGNAL -
    Frequency 331 MHz
    Status Locked
    Annex DOCSIS
    Modulation QAM256
    Symbol Rate 5360537 sym/sec
    Receive Power 12.7 dBmV
    Signal to Noise ratio 41.0 dB
    Frequency 37 MHz
    Channel ID 4
    Status Ready
    Mode TDMA
    Symbol Rate 2560000 sym/sec
    Transmit Power 44.0 dBmV

    Factory Mode []
    Disable Firmware Upgrades [x]
    Force Network Access [x]
    Tftp Enforce Bypass [x]
    Disable IP Filters on startup []

    Ignore T1 (No valid UCDs) [x]
    Ignore T2 (Ranging Opportunity) [x]
    Ignore T3 (Ranging Response) [x]
    Ignore T4 (Station Maintenance) [x]

    Control Panel IP Address
    DHCP Server

    Password protection []

    Telnet Server
    Current state Running
    Run on startup [x]

    - Addresses -

    HFC MAC [00:0E:xx:xx:81:E0]
    Ethernet MAC [00:0E:xx:xx:81:E6] (xx:xx) To protect MAc address.
    USB MAC [00:0E:xx:xx:81:DF]
    Serial Number [001122334455]

    - Certificate generation -

    Certificate type [Motorola EuroDOCSIS] (Although I have an Ambit 250 modem?)

    - Config File -


    - Baseline privacy -


    - Stealth -

    Vendor: [Motorola Corporation]
    Model: [SB5101]
    Software Version: [SB5101-]

    Override Hardware Version [x]

    Hardware Version [ 1 ]

    Override Bootloader Revision [x]

    Bootloader Revision [2164]

    -SNMP Agent-

    Server Port [225]
    Disable SNMP Agent after registration [x]
    Redirect SNMP Traps [x]
    IP []
    PORT [162]

    Again, Thanks for the support in my previous posts :)
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    the mac ur using is no good, look on ur overview page near the bottom where it says configuration file size, you want it to be in the 400's for it to work, what yours is reading is 1208 bytes which as your pointed out is a docsis 1.1

    as you been advised in ur other post i would try macs that begin with 0008, 0020, 0040, 000a etc

    also instead of just using ur m8's mac i would just get him/her to do a sniff for you from there house and just use them and it should get u sorted.
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    I had the same problem the op was getting i tried a crap load of macs with good bytes i was trying anything to get it working i still could not access the internet and finally i enabled DHCP and it worked

    Give it a go and post if it worked for you
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