Kids and babies samples/freebies ( a list)

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    Some may of been already put on but here is a full list of some baby/kid freebies and samples ive found

    Register at the Pampers website and get £4 of Free Pampers coupons.
    Free personal sticker sheet that YOU design comes and an extra sheet of O’Neill stickers. All for free!

    Free coupon and info pack for Hipp organic baby food.

    Free Petits Filous ‘Little Spoonfuls’baby weaning guide and download a free baby feeding chart

    Free nappy samples from The Natural Baby Company
    A super range of Disney printables - everything from colouring sheets to bookmarks and door hangers

    Free Online games and craft ideas from Lego

    Free Cow & Gate Iron Guide. Ensures your baby is getting the recommended levels of iron in their diet.

    Free print out patterns to make paper toys

    Free origami models, print out, cut and assemble.

    Free Balloon Twisting Instructions.

    Free print and play toys

    Free printable Harry Potter Bookmarks

    BBC - a LAND worth LOVING Free Recycling Poster

    Free paper toys to print out and make

    BBC Education - free Teletubbies Printables

    Free recycle kits from planetpals earth zone for kids (printout)

    Free printable Teletubbies calendar

    Bob the Builder - FREE Bob the Builder Printables

    Sesame Street - free printouts

    Build a Medieval Castle

    EasyMaths - GCSE tutorials, sample maths exam papers.

    Disney Desktop Themes

    Printable crafts for kids



    Johnson's Baby Soothing Naturals Cream

    Toddler Club Join the 'Tesco' toddler club and you will receive six issues of their magazine, £90 worth of vouchers and money-off coupons. Your child will also receive a 'Play & Learn' activity pack with every magazine.

    LEGO Club Join the 'LEGO Club' for a free subscription to the 'LEGO Club' magazine. As a member you can also take advantage of the enhanced features on the 'LEGO' website.

    Sign up and get a free goody bag - not sure whats in it

    Free baby samples from the following companies:
    > Pampers
    > Farleys
    > Petitis Filous
    > Huggies
    > Johnsons Baby
    > Calpol
    > Comfort Pure
    > Cow & Gate
    > HIPP
    > Plus many more...

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    The thread which the freebies are on is-

    Down load your own Andrex puppy
    Free "Baby Talk" DVD
    Get yours now!
    Want to know more about breastfeeding, getting enough sleep, infant fevers, healthy eating, and crying babies...?? Then, let's talk! "Baby Talk" is a new DVD, made in association with Calpol, which addresses many of the issues new parents deal with every day. Entertaining and easy to watch, it offers practical and down-to-earth advice.

    Sign up and get a free goody bag - not sure whats in it

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