Samsung HL-S5087W 50-inch 1080p HDTV

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samsung-hl-s5087wIt isn’t always LCDs or Plasmas that is going to get great reviews. Sometimes, DLPs can take the prize. The 50-inch Samsung HL-S5087W DLP HDTV performed really well in reviews and tests and it even received some very high performance marks. But as always, multitude of features and excellent image quality comes with a price.

The HL-S5087W has a boxy cabinet design look. It is sleek and attractive with a large round power button, located just below the TV’s glass in the center. This serves as a visual anchor for the imposing 50-inch screen and its glossy black bezel. A stripe of silver steel, angled just above the power button, houses the TV controls for the on-screen display.

In high-definition scenes, the Samsung HL-S5087W showed unbelievable clarity and color authenticity. It produced ealistic skin tones and exhibited good saturation, particularly on objects containing large swaths of color. This picture is enhanced even more with its 1920-by-1080-resolution. Colors on this television is vivid and rich-looking, with a balance that prevented the colors from looking unnatural.

These results are very similar with standard definition content. On this HDTV, colors from standard definition signals have a certain consistency and colors are pleasingly vivid. Also, this set garnered high marks for color quality and did a remarkable job of reproducing detail in darker background scenes.

As for its sound, the Samsung HL-S5087W’s built-in speakers are pretty mediocre. Sounds doesn’t sound as powerful as users want it to be. It’s still advisable to use an external and separate speaker system for this set.  Still, sound enhancements, such as surround settings and a five-channel equalizer, may suffice to please a lot of viewers. And audiophiles with high-end components can take advantage of the optical audio-out connection for crisp digital sound.

Despite its many attractive, high-tech features, the HL-S5087 is easy to navigate, thanks to a thoughtfully implemented on-screen display feature that Samsung calls a Menu Map. It gives you a map of virtually all of the adjustments on the screen, instead of forcing you to scroll through a menu tree.

Among the many features it includes are 1080p resolution and two HDMI inputs. A USB port that Samsung calls Wiselink even lets you display photos directly from your camera and play MP3 files.

The Samsung HL-S5087W is relatively very expensive. But given its many features and picture quality, some of you might consider this set a great deal.



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