Hitachi P50X901 Plasma HDTV

Franz Bicar
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hitachi-p50×901.jpgNo matter where in the room you sit, you are going to see your favorite movies the way they were designed . Nothing lost, nothing hidden and nothing compromised. Since the advent of television there has been a mismatch between the motion of film to the way it plays back on television. With the Hitachi P50X901 LCD HDTV, you won’t have to experience this ever again.

Hitachi’s revolutionary Reel60 film processing is a technology that perfectly matches the 60Hz frame rate of film. The all new PictureMaster HD IV video processor upgrades all incoming signal to Full HD1080, ensuring outstanding picture quality regardless of input type or resolution format.

The P50X901’s PictureMaster HD IV digital video processor has the ability to integrate the P50X901 into your existing video system regardless of the type of input or resolution format you are receiving. The PictureMaster processor matches its Full HD1080 panel by upgrading all incoming signals, thus optimizing the picture performance of that source material.

In addition, the P50X901’s two component video inputs accommodate a broad range of high-end analog input sources, including cable and satellite receivers, DVD players, VCRs, and video games.The PictureMaster also includes MPEG noise reduction, dynamic contrast, dynamic histogram processing, automatic 3:2 film enhancement, four HD aspect modes, and six SD aspect modes.

With the easy-to-use Learning AV Net, you can customize your entire home theater experience with your remote control. The intelligent on screen soft keys can be easily programmed with AV Net’s sophisitcated learning ability, making the operation of your home theater incredibly convenient, even with multiple and diverse components.

Clarity. Quality. Sharpness. It’s all in the details, and this high definition plasma TV is no exception. The P50X901 offers a mind-bogglingly clear, high-quality, and sharp image with the inclusion of Full HD1080 resolution. And there is no shortage of detail here. Close-ups are closer and panoramic shots more vast and pristine in your favorite blockbuster with the P50X901’s 2.07 million individual picture elements creating a superbly intricate color video mosaic.



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