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hp-sl4278n.jpgIt looks like a standard LCD TV, but HP’s MediaSmart 1080p LCD HDTV will bring you more than just television and DVDs. The SL4278 has a built-in network media device that allows you to create a wireless Ethernet connection to your computer. On a full 1080p high-definition screen, you’ll enjoy videos, pictures, and music stored on any PC in your wireless home network. And a broadband Internet connection will supply you with a variety of online media: movies, Internet radio, photos, and more — MediaSmart is ready for it all. Plus it spares you the annoying clutter of dealing with an outboard networking box.

As mentioned above, with MediaSmart you can see your photos and videos on the big screen — but don’t stop there. You can also stream high-definition video, rent and buy movies straight from your television, and even watch movies while they are still downloading. Out of ideas? Well, if you get tired of those great options, go ahead and listen to internet radio stations and access news reports, traffic updates, TV programming, and all the entertainment options you already enjoy about the Internet — from the comfort of your couch. Of course, there’s regular television programming to be had, too, and your TV is ready for it: Built-in analog and digital tuners are ready to go, right out of the box.

This TV doesn’t strain to stream content from your PC — That’s because the Integrated 802.11n wireless networking enables the streaming of high definition video while providing compatibility to existing Wi-Fi Networks. An industry-first, integrating 802.11n into your HDTV future-proofs your investment for many years to come — and you won’t be tripping over any cords when you get up for some more popcorn.

HP packs a bunch of technology into this television to ensure you get the viewing experience you want. You’ll get an amazingly sharp image with HP’s Visual Fidelity Engine and the Photorealistic Sharpness Enhancement. The 3D Color Enrichment system brings out those deep, rich hues and deep blacks for that super-real feeling you expect from an HDTV. And if you are worried about judder, motion blur is handled by response times as fast as 6ms.

Not only will you be astounded by a clear, vivid picture, but you will also be immersed in great sound. Two powerful, integrated speakers and HP’s Virtual Surround audio processing work together to enhance both vocal clarity and bass. With beautiful picture and sound quality, you will have no problem getting lost in your favorite entertainment.



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