LG 42PC1DA plasma HDTV

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LG 42PC1DATo keep it short, it’s expensive! That is probably the best way to describe the LG 42PC1DA plasma HDTV. It is almost twice the price of other 42-inch TV’s we see in the market. But, its performance – if you ever want to try this set – is exceptional. One of the best HDTV there is on the market. For the average movie watcher the price might seem detrimental and maybe its not just worth all your cash, but for those who want top of the line pictures, then you’d better shell out your dough for this baby.

The LG 42PC1DA is specifically designed for the uptown type. Aside, of course from the price, its sleek, glossy black case to the smooth curves of its base is perfectly designed for the mansions and villas of the rich and famous. Of course, if you’d want to save up and put it in the corner of your living room, then by all means, do it. This HDTV commands attention even when it is turned off, and so much more when it is powered up. You’ll find your eyes dazzled by the display itself. This television is bound to outperform every television there is in almost every category.

The set leads the way in terms of color quality. It is particularly excellent in showing off the vibrant reds and greens of scenes from high-definition sources. Brightness and contrast were also exceptional: The set is rated as being 25 percent brighter than most other TVs right out of the box, and a little tweaking boosts this differential even more. Bottom line: Whether viewing DVD video, high-definition, or standard-definition content, the LG was our go-to model for crisp detail and spot-on color.

LG 42PC1DA plasma HDTV

Out of the box, the LG 42PC1DA’s setup is a piece of cake. It is much easier than other budget models. Ports are placed horizontally, clearly labeled, and spaced evenly apart. Plugging in different connection is a snap due to its accessibility. But the best part, the TV is equipped with a lot of input options for all types of devices. It has serial, composite video/audio output, audio line-in, composite video/audio input, VGA input, digital audio output (optical), HD component input, HDMI, and an S-Video input. What’s lacking though is a DVI input.

Those who want to tweak their televisions to give them their desired performance can easily do so with the LG 42PC1DA. Management of the set can be done efficiently through its menus. The sophisticated menu setup allows for deep configuration options. The adaptive picture mode splits the screen into four panes, each showing how the video looks through a different video setting. This makes testing different video modes much more intuitive: You can see side by side how a different color or brightness setting will impact the picture, without lots of trial and error.

The speakers for this baby is top of the line too. Well, if you get a TV with this price tag, then you will definitely expect the best. The LG 42PC1DA is definitely one of the best HDTV there is – but not for your pocket.



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  1. HDTVReviews says:

    This is an awesome HDTV. Great picture and sound, Easy setup. Fantastic value.It’s a nice TV set, indeed — the picture is crisp, the colors are natural, and the built-in speakers are well above average.

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