Pioneer PRO-111FD 50" Elite KURO 1080p Plasma

Franz Bicar
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If anyone passionately believes in HDTV, it’s Pioneer. They rave about their televisions the way new parents glow over a new baby. They want a world built on uncompromising attention to detail in an extraordinary, beautiful new way. Where black levels are so black, they disappear into an infinite abyss. Where colors are so pure, they gush with their own emotions. Where emotions are built with feelings so deep. . .tears fall like lead, fear flows like wildfire and passions swell with the rising tide. It’s a world so intense, so rich, so real, it will change the way you look at TV forever. Sounds like a novel or a book or poems to me.

Sports. Movies. Sitcoms. Yes, even reality shows. They all look phenomenally great on this 50″ widescreen, high definition plasma TV. And for good reason — the PRO111FD is crammed with the latest in technology that’s more than up to handling today’s many exciting audio/video formats.

This set has all the connections you need to hook up just about anything — DVD player, VCR, satellite receiver, TiVo unit, even your computer. A new cell structure with an improved crystal emissive layer was redesigned for a more intense black with added detail, while a new filter delivers enhanced contrast in bright environments. ASIC video processing and scaling gives you the ultimate in Standard-Definition and High-Definition video performance. Detachable side speakers with integrated digital amplifiers offer improved clarity and accuracy of sound.

The PRO110FD delivers the ultimate in entertainment. Optimum Video Mode with an optical light sensor gives automated adjustment of picture in both varying light conditions and by program content such as movies, news, sports, etc. A Room Light Sensor reads the amount of light in your room, so the PRO111FD can adjust to suit the conditions. Fully integrated ATSC and Dual NTSC tuners with built-in CableCARD slot let you peruse your favorite channels without having to hook up an external tuner box. There’s even a Home Media Gallery that allows you to create your own multi-media experience.

Film doesn’t translate directly to a format that a TV can process. To display film on television, usually 6 frames per second (fps) must be added to the film’s original 24 fps to equal 30 fps, the video format. Called 3:2 pulldown, this interpolation process improves NTSC reproduction of film-based material, but generates uneven motion known as judder. Pioneer developed Advanced Pure Cinema to eliminate judder. This exclusive technology enables 3:3 pulldown, which synchronizes perfectly the frame rate of film and eliminates the need for interpolations. Now, your film-based material on DVD, videotape, and regular TV will match the smooth, natural reproduction of film.

These days, entertainment comes in many forms, and the PRO111FD is here to help you enjoy each form to its fullest. A/V Selection Memory gives you nine options for viewing preferences: optimum, performance, movie, sports, PURE, game, standard, ISF-day, ISF-night, ISF auto. Picture Detail settings include DRE Picture (off, high, mid, low), Black Level (off/on), ACL (off/on), Enhance Mode (1, 2, 3) and Gamma (1, 2, 3). The PRO111FD includes 3 color temperature adjustments, 3 digital noise reduction settings, block noise reduction and mosquito noise reduction, among other adjustments that give you just the picture you’re looking for.

Pioneer’s deep encased cell structure means that each individual pixel in the PRO111FD’s display is encased in its own cell, with walls on all sides so that light doesn’t bleed into neighboring cells. This energy-efficient design allows each pixel to deliver a more concentrated beam of light, for truer colors and brighter images. The clear front suface of the PRO111FD’s display is actually a precisely manufactured optical-grade, non-glass color filter bonded directly to the plasma panel. This filter increases the spectrum of light emitted by the plasma, for a fuller range of colors and exceptional color accuracy compared to front filters made of glass. It’s also much lighter than a glass filter and increases contrast by limiting ambient light reflections in bright viewing environments.
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