RIM Introduces a Slimmer BlackBerry 9700

Franz Bicar
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A slimmer BlackBerry will soon be available via the BlackBerry Bold 9700. The BlackBerry 9700 is an update to the popular BlackBerry 9000 which was released last year. The 9700 will feature a slimmer more sophisticated style. It will also have a better camera with 3.2 megapixels as compared to the 9000 which only had 2 megapixels. The 9700 will also have a better display. In short, the 9700 is indeed an slight upgrade from the BlackBerry 9000.

The phone measures around 4.3-by-2.4-by-0.6-inches thick, very handy and at the same time, very comfortable to hold. It is lighter, as well, weighing 4.2 ounces and has a leatherette back.

The Bold 9700 has the same 624 MHz processor as the 9000. Like its predecessor, the 9700 has Wi-Fi and built-in GPS. RIM says the Bold will be available from T-Mobile and AT&T in the beginning of November. Pricing has not yet been announced, but when the Bold debuted last year, it had the hefty price tag of $300.

Another welcomed design tweak is the addition of touch-sensitive trackpad instead of a trackball. The trackpad is very responsive. Anyone who has owned a BlackBerry knows the issues with the trackball: It gets dirty, gets stuck, and sometimes falls out. The touch trackpad also gives the Bold the sensation of a touchscreen device, particularly when you’re using it to swipe through pictures.

The Bold 9700 has a similar keyboard as the original with sculpted keys and thin metal dividers akin to a guitar frets. This design is meant to eliminate finger slippage and enhance the keyboard’s usability. The original’s keyboard is roomy and ergonomic, somewhat in part to the handset’s measurements.


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