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When you are talking about televisions, you will never know how big manufacturers are going to make it. A few years before, we thought 23 inches is humongous, now, that size is average. The Sharp AQUOS LC-52D64U LCD TV is enormous. This 52-inch set will give you something to look forward to – like a mini theater inside your home. But its not only the size. The picture quality if wonderful. It delivers rich, bright beautiful image that will definitely engage your senses.

Let’s dive right into this wonderful piece of technology. As mentioned, the LC-52D64U’s color is rich and vibrant without being over saturated. On this set, skin tones are right on the money. Blacks and shadows are a real challenge for most LCD televisions. That is probably the trade off between LCD’s and Plasmas. However, since the Sharp AQUOS LC-52D64U is part of the new generation of LCD’s, this graying artifact is becoming less and less the case. In the LCD realm, the LC-52D64U, acquits itself quite well.

When you go look for a television set, you don’t only consider High-definition content display, but you have to consider what you normally use the set for, standard definition. Sharp handled standard definition TV programs rather well, much better than many TVs out in the market.

If your PC’s video card does not have a DVI or HDMI output, then you will need to connect it to the TV with a VGA cable. With this input, the TV is compatible with resolutions up to UXGA (1600 x 1200).

Finally, the two 15W integrated speakers are robust enough to handle high volume. The sound reproduction is adequate but not a home theater.

With its lush rendering of HD content, the 52″ LC-52D64U would serve as a great visual foundation for a home theater.

The LC-52D64U render the full palette of colors marvelously. However, it does come in with some flaws. The blacks could be deeper and the audio system is nothing to shout about.

The set’s connectivity options include three HDMI inputs that should be adequate for most users. The advantage of having a TV with less features is that it is less complicated to use. Since the default picture settings are very good, this AQUOS is almost a plug and play TV.



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