Toshiba 32AV500U LCD TV

Franz Bicar
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toshiba_32av500u.jpgThe Toshiba 32AV500U is fitted with Toshiba’s CineSpeed LCD Panel. This allows response times that are among the best in the industry. A 10-bit video processor with a 60Hz scan rate provides plenty of power, even for the most demanding home theater enthusiast. DynaLight Dynamic Backlight Control monitors the brightness level of each video frame, and automatically adjusts the backlight intensity based on the image content.

These are just a few of the Toshiba 32AV500U LCD TV’s outstanding features. Other capabilities for this set include precise signal analysis that affords 256 levels of backlight intensity. This creates dynamic contrast up to 5 times that of the original panel contrast, resulting in a deeper black level that increases detail and depth, even in low light environments.

Furthermore, to get TV signals to this extraordinary LCD panel, there’s a built-in NTSC/ATSC/QAM digital tuner to capture over-the-air standard and high definition broadcasts as well as in-the-clear digital cable programming.

Like all of Toshiba’s TV models, the 32AV500U offers user-friendly features and advanced functionality that make operation a breeze, including a 4-Item A/V remote that’s ergonomically designed and puts the most used functions right at your thumb.

It comes preprogrammed to operate up to four components, including a TV, DVD player, VCR, cable box, and two other audio or video components of your home theater. The 32AV500U has loads of inputs and outputs so you’ll have plenty of hook-up options.

The easy-to-reach side A/V inputs will let you effortlessly plug in your camcorder or video game. There are also two HDMI inputs, two HD component video inputs, rear A/V and S-Video inputs; plus audio outputs so you can be sure to get the highest quality connection allowable for your equipment. There’s even a PC input (15 pin D-sub) so you can use the 32AV500U as a computer monitor.

HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is the first industry-supported, uncompressed, one-cable, all-digital audio/video connection. HDMI provides the best interface between a DVD player and compatible products, such as the 32AV500U.

This single interconnecting cable combines multichannel audio, uncompressed digital video, intercommunication between devices, and simple control protocols. HDMI connections assure that all signals remain in their pure digital form and secure by use of High Definition Copy Protection (HDCP) regardless of signal output resolution.

This 32AV500U is an LCD projector, which works like a flashlight to create an image. White light is separated into red, green, and blue beams, which are fed separately through the panel, recombined to create the full color image, then enlarged to fill the screen.

High definition 720p (1366 x 768 pixel) native resolution assures finely detailed images. This LCD projector is lightweight, but still provides rich colors and sharp contrast for a huge, high quality image. The six TheaterWide screen modes are ideal for HDTV signals and enhanced DVDs, allowing you to crop the screen image just the way you like it.

Quality images may be what you desire most, but the audio features on this TV aren’t anything to sneeze at either. Toshiba’s 32AV500U creates dramatically improved sound delivered through a SoundStrip look speaker system, a new speaker technology using a thin-line speaker design with enhanced dynamic range. This eliminates the big round speakers, without losing any of the big home theater sound. For even better sound, you can bypass the TV’s speakers altogether using the Dolby Digital optical audio output or fixed analog audio output to connect to your home theater surround sound system.



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