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BBC iPlayer updated for Jelly Bean

iPlayer The Beeb has pushed out a new iPlayer app for Android, bringing forth compatibility with the latest version of Google’s OS, Jelly Bean. Previously, the app didn’t work with Jelly Bean.. more

BBC iPlayer iOS app updated

iPlayer The Beeb has pushed out an update for its iOS iPlayer app which allows users to download programmes to their iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. In other words, you’ll be able.. more

BBC iPlayer popularity still rising

iPlayer The BBC has released the statistics for its iPlayer catch-up TV service when it comes to the first quarter of 2012. And the usage figures are continuing their upward trajectory, with.. more

BBC planning iTunes style service?

Content platform – digital distribution – these are the buzzwords of the day and for a good reason. And while the BBC already has its very successful iPlayer service, apparently Auntie is planning to expand its online content distribution network with a new service built.. more

BBC iPlayer comes to the iPhone

The BBC has produced a new version of its iPlayer app for iOS, and it’s now compatible with the iPhone as well as the iPad. The new app works with the iPhone 3GS or better, and the iPod Touch, essentially any Apple iGadget which is.. more

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock announced

Doctor Who fans, buckle yourselves up. Actually, the TARDIS doesn’t have seat belts, does it? Well, grab on to the central console, then, and prepare for the camera to tilt from side to side a lot. Because a Doctor Who game is coming to the.. more

BBC iPlayer tablet requests up 15%

The Beeb has published the latest stats for its iPlayer catch-up TV platform, which cover the month of September. In total there were 153 million requests for TV and radio programmes made. The usual slight seasonal fall off during the summer meant that was slightly.. more

BBC 3G coverage map goes live

The BBC has completed its 3G coverage survey, and the results show that the UK still has a long way to go before it offers widespread coverage across the country. The survey began last month when the Beeb asked smartphone users to participate by downloading.. more

Sky to offer on-demand BBC content?

BBC on-demand content could soon be available to Sky viewers, after it was revealed that the two companies are in talks. The news comes as the BBC plans to expand its iPlayer service throughout Europe, and recently announced a fix in the offing for its.. more

BBC testing fix for iPlayer app on iPad

The Beeb is beta-testing a fix for the iPlayer app on the iPad following complaints from users that it doesn’t work properly on the tablet device. The problems don’t seem to affect all users, making it difficult for the BBC to pin down the issue... more