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FBI arrest another LulzSec member

LulzSec Logo The FBI have issued a statement in which they say that they have arrested another member of the Lulzsec hacking group. Cody Kretsinger, 23, from Phoenix, Arizona, is believed to be.. more

New PSN agreement includes a “don’t sue Sony” clause

PS3 A new clause has been included in the PlayStation Network’s user agreement, designed to prevent further lawsuits being filed against Sony. Henceforth, in order for PS3 owners to access the PSN.. more

uTorrent hacked and client substituted with malware

malware Popular peer-to-peer file sharing sites uTorrent.com and BitTorrent.com last night suffered a hack that left fake anti-virus software in place of its client download. The malware, called “Security Shield” is downloaded.. more

Hacker claims ability to issue Windows update

The hacker responsible for the recent attack on DigiNotar has claimed that he also has the ability to issue Windows updates. Microsoft has denied that this is possible in a recent security statement issued last week. The hacker, known as Comodohacker, claims that this is.. more

Linux Foundation website hacked

Linux websites have been taken offline after a security breach which is believed to have been connected to the intrusion on kernel.org earlier this month. The hack was performed on kernel.org sometime in August and it seems that a compromised user account was the hacker’s.. more

Google advises Iranian users in wake of hack

Google has issued a warning to its Iranian users in the wake of the hack involving Dutch company DigiNotar. The search giant wrote in its security blog that although “internal systems were not compromised”, the firm is contacting users who may have been affected. The.. more

Nokia developer forum is hacked

The amount of high profile hacking incidents has certainly gathered pace in 2011, and not just from the likes of hacktivist groups such as Anonymous. News has broken that another rogue has infiltrated a big name company network, namely Nokia’s developer forum, which has been.. more

North Korea accused of hacking South Korean game servers

North Korea has been accused by its Southern counterpart of stealing prizes worth almost £3.7 million in an elaborate hacking scheme. The North has denied claims that hackers based in north east China were employed to break into a game servers (such as Lineage) based.. more

Anonymous hacks BART following abuse of civil liberties

Anonymous has hacked the website of Bay Area Rapid Transport (BART) in San Francisco following an attempt by the transport system to stop a protest going ahead by blocking mobile phones. The myBart.org site has been taken down after it was revealed that the contact.. more

Sun admits reader data was stolen in hacking attack

News International is warning thousands of Sun readers that their personal data may have been posted on the internet. The data, which includes names, addresses, dates of birth, email addresses and phone numbers, was grabbed when the site was hacked on July 19th. The hacker.. more