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November 1, 2005

The Ten Commandments

1.)  No Keys!

2.)  No Hex Files!

3.)  No Patches!

4.)  No Firmware!

5.)  No Emulators!

6.)  No advertising of any sort.

7.)  No flaming, abuse or foul language.

8.)  No muppets or trolls.

9.)  No soliciting for card-shares.

10.)  No more rules.

Two stikes and you’re out.

Live links are allowed, but not to other forums, live executables, or anything listed in rules 1 – 5.

This is an English language forum. Please post in English, or you can expect your posts to be either edited or deleted.

This forum will be kept legal at all times.

Thanks for your attention!


Comments in chronological order (2 comments)

  1. i just come across this forum by chance just to let u know that i contacted sky 2 year ago and they wanted a £65 charge to come out after they had sent me a new card and sky didnt work i just ok just cancel it cancell my sky cos im not paying thatthey then put me through to disconnections and the guy could not have been nicer got it done for nothing they wanted to charge half price but i stuck to my guns. same happened 2 year later last wed and i went down the same route i ended up getting sky plus for £30 for box and fitting coming tomorrow 23 nov just tell them straight they want your buisness

  2. BGonaSTICK says:

    I tried that, and they said something along the lines of “OK, sorry to lose you as a customer. Your disconnection date will be blah blah, thank you and goodbye”

    So it doesn’t always go to plan.


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