BBC HD on Skystar 2 the easy way

June 22, 2006

If you like the simple life and have £20 going spare, then you may like to try the latest stable release of CoreAVC – Version 1.1 Pro.

This should not only work on the Skystar 2, but most other cards as well.

Used in conjunction with the DVBViewerGE software you should have no problem getting this to work, as there is no fiddling about to do – just straightforward installs.

Download the two pieces of software from the ‘net. They’re around a tenner each.

1. CoreAVC 1.1 Pro from (You DO need the PRO version for BBC HD)

2. DVBViewerGE. You should purchase DVBViewer from and then download the GE version from the members area.

Make sure you don’t have any other H264 codecs installed (inc fddshow) to ensure that there are no conflicts.

As we’ve said before, you need a very fast dual-core processor and high-end video card to achieve a decent frame rate with no freezing on the mpeg4 transmissions.


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