CCTV Soon To Be Compulsory in London Nightclubs

November 11, 2006

Security and surveillance equipment to help police identify criminals will soon become compulsory in London nightclubs. The installation of sophisticated CCTV equipment will become a strict requirement for all new licences.

The cameras will store images on a hard drive that police will be able to down-load and play back to identify suspected criminals. The police will close down clubs where the proprietors have failed to carry out searches. Metal detectors and electronic search wands are in use in all South London clubs.

The new ruling follows shootings by gangs at the Ivory Arch club in Elephant & Castl near the Aristocrat club in Walworth.

Chief Superintendent Malcolm Tillyer, borough commander for Southwark, said “The message is clear. Those that are involved in gang violence will be targeted and can expect to be arrested and put before a court”.


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