HDTV encourages TV viewing

Brian Turner

November 17, 2006

Are you ready for some . . . television?

Research has shown that with the introduction of high definition television programs, American sports fans are watching even more programs than ever before.

Before HDTV, consumers watched programs they were interested in. Now, those same viewers are watching just for the high definition experience – even going so far as to watch things they aren’t really interested in watching.

The HD experience has been described by many as “taking you into the action.” The high resolution seems to teleport viewers into the event – an absolute must for sports enthusiasts.

ESPN was one of the first to recognize the market direction and in 2002 began the process of switching to all high definition digital from the industry standard of analog video. The sports fans have benefited since almost 95% of all ESPN broadcasts are now HD. The network has benefited because viewers are increasing the number of hours they watch the programming.

The average sports fan spends 1.43 hours each day watching television. The numbers increase to over 2 hours if you take the women out of the equation. Sports fans also spend and average of $1000 more on their television sets than does the average consumers.

As the rest of the broadcasters begin to see the market trend and start their own switch to high definition digital, that difference will begin to fade. Until then, the sports fans will continue to benefit from ESPN’s innovations.


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