Juniper Networks adds new features to IPTV

Brian Turner

November 29, 2006

Juniper Networks, an IPTV industry leader that is enabling secure, assured communications over a single IP network, has made the IPTV experience an even more pleasant one for consumers with the addition of new features to its management system that will improve the core network for IPTV traffic. The new system and router software is set to roll out this week.

One of the features is Liquid LSPs that increase network efficiency by enabling Juniper routers to map the best path between the subscriber and the content source. It also helps ensure the quality and reliability of video services by supporting Fast Failover capabilities. The liquid LSPs also help providers serve video from multiple locations by enabling dynamic activation and modification of LSPs.

Juniper Networks has also been enhancing the point to multipoint (P2MP) capabilities of its JUNOS operating system. P2MP is designed to provide a scalable delivery of television broadcast traffic.

The new features will also enable networks to determine the most efficient path for video streaming. This will assure that quality broadcast channels are delivered to subscribers.

Juniper Networks is focused on revolutionizing the global exchange of information. Their IP platforms are purpose-built, high performance and customer friendly.
The enhancement of Junipers core network managements systems and router software will make the IPTV experience for consumers one that continues to improve.


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