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January 9, 2007

Microsoft Merging IPTV and XBox

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by Kathryn Lang

It is time for there to be entertainment for the whole family all housed in one box. That is the vision that is being shared with the world by Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates. To meet his vision, Microsoft is combining the IPTV technology with the Xbox 360 gaming system. The unique digital entertainment offering in one that has been on the mind of Gates for awhile.

IPTV on Xbox 360 will give consumers a flexibility that has yet to exist. The one system will have all the advantages of advanced TV service, next-generation gaming, and even several new functionalities.

Microsoft currently offers the Xbox 360 as the top gaming system available. It also offers the highly successful Microsoft TV IPTV Edition. Bringing the two together will be the natural progression to the ultimate entertainment experience. It is a move that will delight consumers, service providers, content providers, and even game developers.

Xbox 360 is currently Microsoft’s center of the high-definition digital entertainment for the home. Microsoft is pinning its hopes on the fact that the addition of the IPTV functionality will make it the best system (the only system) for next generation entertainment.

According to Microsoft, the IPTV Edition is set to be the software solution choice for many of the world’s largest telecommunications service providers.

Microsoft Chairman, Bill Gates, brought his vision of the entertainment future to the world during his speech at the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show.

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