HDTV to Hit Southeast Asia

January 22, 2007

High Definition Television (HDTV) is coming to Southeast Asia.

StarHub, one of the regions largest pay-TV providers has added two HDTV channels to the lineup – Discovery and National Geographic Channel.

StarHub has been at the forefront of programming that gives the consumers control over what they view. In 2004, it introduced DigitalCable. In 2005, it brought out DemandTV. In 2006, SmartTV was launched. Now for 2007, it is bundling the HDTV programs into HDPlus.

Those consumers interested in the HDTV package will first have to subscribe to at least three of StarHubs Basic Group channel packages. Consumers will also have to purchase a set top box and have a television that is HD-ready. Going high tech is not usually an inexpensive endeavor, but it is worth it.

StarHub will be easing the pain of the cost by offering customers that sign up for a year’s programming a significant discount on the cost of the set top box.

Singapore is the third Asian country to begin the HDTV adventure. South Korea launched its HD programming just two years ago in 2005. Japan was the first Asian country to begin broadcasting in HD back in the early 1990’s.

StarHub ran a trial for the HDTV programming during the 2006 World Cup games. The 1000 participants in the trial were able to view all of the 64 World Cup games as well as Discovery and National Geographic channel.


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