TrustWatch Improves USB Flash Drive Security

February 7, 2007

SanDisk Corporation launched the TrustWatch integrated suite of applications at the RSA Conference 2007 in San Francisco.

TrustWatch allows an enterprise to benefit from use of USB flash drives without having to worry about possible security breaches.

TrustWatch is an easy to operate secure network appliance and a management console, through which IT administrators can configure and deploy secured USB flash drives (UFDs), and also prevent information from being copied to unapproved devices.

An unapproved device will be unable to be used on an enterprise’s computers to copy files.

TrustWatch allows IT administrators to select from SanDisk’s line of standard flash drives for issue to employees. If approved flash drives are lost or stole, they can be remotely destroyed by TrustWatch.

As well as provided a secure data storage solution, the USB flash drives can also be used to synchronize Microsoft Outlook files, secure Web browsing, and act as a token for RSA SecurID dual-factor authentication.


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