HDTV Lamp Needs Protection

February 9, 2007

HDTV is not just another piece of entertainment equipment. HDTV is a commitment – a commitment of time that is needed to investigate the multitude of sets, set ups, and other features and the commitment of finances since this technology does not come cheap.

With all of this commitment, it is important to protect the HDTV investment. The most delicate part of the HDTV set is the lamp. Replacing a lamp could run anywhere from $300 to $500. It is important to do all that is possible to maintain, protect, and even extend the life of these delicate parts.

1. Avoid heavy vibrations. Jumping around a HDTV set can cause the lamp to be jostled in such a way that it fails instantly.
2. Avoid turning the set on too much. The process of powering up is the most destructive process in running and HDTV set. If it will be coming back on in a few hours, it is better to just leave it on.
3. Do keep the filters clean. Not all HDTV sets have filters, but the ones that do can have an extended lamp life if the filters are kept clean.
4. Do maintain proper ventilation around the HDTV set. Air movement is required if the system is going to be able to keep cool.
5. Do use the lowest power setting that is available for the HDTV lamp that is in your set. As the lamp ages and the light starts to dim, you can adjust the setting to a higher power.


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