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March 14, 2007

HDTV Sees a Downward Trend in Pricing

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by Kathryn Lang

The price of HDTV sets just keeps going down. Retailers aren’t as excited about the trend as the consumers seem to be. And it is the consumer that is consistently driving the prices down.

Even after records sales during the holiday season, retailers found that the inventory of the HDTV’s was up. In addition, consumers began to switch form larger sets to smaller sets. Basic economics dictates the next move. As demand goes down, so goes the prices.

Even as prices on the larger HDTV sets continues to go down, it is likely that consumers will still continue to purchase the smaller sets. These sets tend to offer a much clearer picture for the price. Consumers are beginning to educate themselves on the HD technology, and retailers are seeing the first signs of the newly informed buyers.

Another factor in the price drops is the internet. Because online stores do not have to have the facilities that local retailers have, they can afford to sell their products at reduced rates. Buying an HDTV set online could save you hundreds of dollars. Many of these online purchases come better warranties and other bonuses. Some even include installation.

There seems to be no end in the decline of HDTV prices. With the future swinging completely over to the digital world, the prices could easily slide even further down the scale.

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