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March 26, 2007

IPTV Slips Into Reality

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by Kathryn Lang

It was only a matter of time. Now reality TV has infiltrated IPTV. It was a pipe dream, but I was hoping that the technology savvy service would be immune to the lure of the ludicrous, but I was wrong.

Justin.tv it putting on an IPTV version of the movie “Ed TV” where cameras follow Justin as he goes about just living his ordinary life. There are no games or competitions, like many of the “reality” shows have gone to. This is just straight forward living – no bathroom breaks or time outs for the star or the audience.

Those who have been drawn to this IPTV reality experience have given good reports. If it is interesting, I think I’ll have to pass. I don’t have time to watch someone else living their life. I’ve got to take time to live my own. If it isn’t as interesting as the reports have led, then I haven’t missed anything anyway.

In a world that is full of people more interested in watching others play out there life then doing it for them, this new IPTV offering will fit right in. It’s a sad state of affairs when technology this cutting edge is used to watch a guy go to the bathroom, but maybe that’s what this society has come to.

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