IPTV is the Key to Triple-Play

Kathryn Lang -

IPTV is becoming the center of the battle for the triple play business. Companies are looking to this internet technology to bring the bundled services of phone, television, and internet to their customers in one complete package.

With the interest in IPTV growing world wide, the revenues from these subscribers is up for grabs. IPTV offers a new twist to television with its ability to personalize services beyond any traditional cable service. It also has the interactive ability of the internet. Its flexibility is drawing many companies to look at it as a viable service to provide to consumers.

The war over IPTV is good news for subscribers. Competition means lower prices, better service, and higher quality. As the revenues continue to increase, consumers can look for more options to open in this market.

The telephone companies (like AT&T and Verizon) are getting into the market. These companies are using advanced broadband networks to transfer the IPTV data. Cable companies are also forging their way into the market in order to maintain their current customer base and to also draw in new subscribers.

It seems that IPTV is the internet technology that could have the largest effect on the communications industry since the World Wide Web first became part of the mainstream. The interactive and value services provided through IPTV will continue to push the market even farther.

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