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April 14, 2007

Cleaning the HDTV Screen

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by Kathryn Lang

Cleaning a HDTV isn’t as simple as cleaning the tradition television set. Depending on the screen, there are many things that ordinary cleaning products can do to permanently ruin the delicate screens on most HDTV sets.

With spring cleaning fever on us today, many people are looking for ways to make their HDTV screens look like new. Unfortunately, the glass cleaners used on the windows will usually damage to the screen. The liquid works its way down to the bottom of the screen and then actually creeps back up behind the screen and the protective plastic. The screen develops large, dark smudges where ever this occurs.

Many of the cleaning solutions on the market also contain chemicals that slowly deteriorate the surface of the screens. This leads to streaks, scratches, and smudges on the surface that can not be wiped away.

The safest way to clean the HDTV screen in your home is to use the microfiber clothes that many of the manuals recommend. Using high end cleaning solutions is not necessary. The damp cloth will usually do the job. Keep in mind that nothing should be dripping off the cloth, or you could end up with the creeping situation discussed earlier.

The next best thing to do for your HDTV is to keep people away from the screen (especially children). You can avoid the smudges and dirt that comes with the finger prints. Regular dusting with a soft, dry cloth (such as the microfiber) will keep your HDTV screen looking great.

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