Sanyo launches USB AA battery charger

April 20, 2007

Sanyo Electric Co Ltd has launched a new USB battery charger - the Sanyo eneloop N-MDU01S.

The charger is believed to be compatible only with Sony’s own AA or AAA-sized eneloop NiMH rechargeable batteries, which were first launched in late 2005.

The eneloop batteries differ from regular NiMH batteries. They are designed to reduce self-discharging and to improve recyclability.

Sanyo claims that at room temperature, the batteries will lose only 15% charge after a year.

The eneloop cell tubes and packaging are made of recycled PET plastic, rather than PVC which is generally not recycled for cost reasons.

The eneloop USB charger is ideal for travellers or mobile workers as it is small in size and low in weight. Also, there is no need for a cable or adaptor.

A short USB cable, which stows away in the side of the PC, lets power be drawn from a computer. It is ideal for overnight charging.

Sanyo’s eneloop batteries are available in a number of markets including the USA, Europe and Asia.

Distribution of the eneloop USB charger will commence in May. Pricing has not yet been disclosed.


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