Premier Electronics announces PC685 Colour Board Camera

Jan Harris

June 21, 2007

Premier Electronics has launched the PC685 1/3” CCD Super high-resolution colour board camera.

Although the compact camera is based on a 42mm x 42mm single board, it provides 520TV lines, RS232 interface and on-screen control, making it a powerful solution for major video applications.

The camera benefits from an inter-line 1/3” sensor which provides sensitivity at light levels as low as 0.5lux.

The unit has a built in RS232 interface which allows remote control and set-up of the camera. This is assisted by on-screen display.

Up to four privacy masks can be set if the camera is to be used in sensitive areas.

The camera has a 2X electronics zoom and provides line and video sync functions. A useful security feature is line lock, which h ensures that if the camera is stolen it cannot be used again.

Each camera can be given a unique address so up to 256 cameras can be controlled from a single control centre.

The camera can be supplied with a selection of glass lenses. It weighs just 25g and is ideal for applications where space is limited.

The camera draws 120mA max from a 12-volt supply and can be supplied in both PAL and NTSC formats.


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