HDTV Sets: For movies, not broadcasts

Brian Turner

July 3, 2007

HDTV Sets: For movies, not broadcasts

According to a report by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) in America, the majority of HDTV set buyers do so for watching movies and games – not for watching actual HDTV broadcasts.

As many as 56% of respondents didn’t receive any HDTV programming at all – instead preferring to use their HD TV sets to improving their movie and video gaming experiences.

And of the 44% who did receive HDTV programs, the majority were actual confused about what they were and were not able to receive.

Reasons for the aversion to watching HDTV on HDTV sets included disinterest in HDTV programming, or else concerns about extra potential costs in watching the programming.

According to the CEA, the study underlines the need to educate consumers about the potential for improving their HDTV experience, not least in the availability and accessibility of HDTV broadcasting.


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