ThemeScene reveals HD80 high-def DLP projector

July 10, 2007

ThemeScene reveals HD80 high-def DLP projector

ThemeScene has announced details of the UK version of its HD80 DLP projector.

The HD80 is able to resolve the highest quality signals from high definition sources, whether that is HDTV, or a Blu-ray or HD DVD movie.

The HD80 can handle 1080p Full HD video signals and its video enhancements mean that it can reproduce a cinematographer’s large screen vision in the home.

The projector has 10,000:1 contrast ratio for bright whites and deep, dark blacks.

It also has a 10-bit signal path and processing architecture. This is teamed with Neutral Density Green (NDC) technology which increases the visual colour resolutions, giving pure, highly detailed images.

The HD80 is available for £1,995.


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