BBC iPlayer launch on track despite DRM breach

July 18, 2007

The BBC is pushing ahead with the 27 July launch of its iPlayer online media player, despite the recent reappearance of FairUse4WM which removes the DRM (Digital Rights Management) from iPlayer content.

When FairUse4WM has removed the copy protection, people can download programmes and view them indefinitely, rather than for the limited period intended by the BBC.

The DRM software is meant to ensure that iPlayer content is only available for 30 days once downloaded or seven days once viewed.

The BBC has taken a pragmatic approach to the emergence of FairUse4WM, saying “this isn’t the first piece of software to be hacked or bypassed, nor will it be the last”.

The corporation believes that most licence-fee payers will welcome the iPlayer service and use it fairly.

FairUse4WM first came to light in 2006 when it caused Sky to temporarily suspend its Sky Movies download service. A revised version of FairUse4WM reappeared on forums late last week.


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