Zattoo launches in Spain

July 20, 2007

US based peer to peer IPTV provider Zattoo has launched its service in Spain, hopefully once this has been established for a while, then the service will be rolling out throughout Europe to their target audiences in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Poland and the UK.

Zattoo will be able to offer subscribers anything up to 67 TV channels, and an excellent peer to peer network, which has been optimised for streaming video which is capable of serving the needs of consumers, broadcasters, content owners and advertiser.

All of which are needed in order to make a successful business out of it, and then the business can move on into different areas and expand the services that are available with the current services.

This service was developed by a team of researchers from the University of Michigan, package up the complete service and then deliver it through quick start video streaming all in one browser for all of the channels.




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