MySpace entering the IPTV market?

July 23, 2007

Being the biggest and the best is always a problem. Because there is only one way to go, down! Other than that the other course of action is to diversify into a related business. In this case it would appear that the market of IPTV would ideally suit a social networking site.

MySpace are regarded by most as the largest and most dominant of all those social networking sites that have popped up on the net over the past few years.

The content is the thing with this market, make a mistake and it could be the end of the whole service such is the power of social networking. But there are rumours of some Hollywood talent may be involved in some sort of “Original” series, what shape that takes could be anyone’s guess.

We need to remember that MySpace is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corps, who are not that unfamiliar with TV networks and what works etc., so the MySpace IPTV project looks like a very different type of service now, with that sort of background MySpace and IPTV looks as if it could take social networking onto a new level.






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