Orange UK prepares for IPTV

July 27, 2007

Later on in the year Orange UK will be launching its digital TV service and in preparation for this they have been keeping busy by forging partnerships with some pretty impressive suppliers for their video on demand content.

Amongst the suppliers will be Disney ABC international Television, this will allow Orange subscribers to watch a selection of on demand movies from Miramax movies, Touchstone and of course Disney. The initial selection of movies will include Deju Vu, Wild Hogs and Venus.

The idea is that Orange TV will provide the best movies available in the whole video on demand marketplace and with this initial deal, having the likes of Disney on there, is a great step towards that goal.

Orange TV’s plan is the same as any other IPTV or digital provider, that is to get a major slice of the market, Orange already have a 16.5 million customer base, but only 1.5 million of those are internet customers. The UK is said to have the fastest growing IPTV market in Europe. With 80,000 users last year, this figure is expected to rise to over 300,000 by the end of the year. But in Europe as a whole, the IPTV market in 2006 was around 2.9 million users, however this is expected to swell to 5.6 million by the end of the year.

If Orange are to grab a piece of the IPTV pie, then they really do need to be getting their act together, which is what they appear to be doing, but will it be enough? After all there is Tiscalli and BT rolling out their own versions of IPTV too, competition is great for subscribers, but not so brilliant for providers.


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