Thomson Paragon transmitter selected by Arqiva

July 27, 2007

Thomson, a world leader in digital video technologies, has been appointed by Arqiva, the independent broadcast transmission provider in the UK, as its supplier for high power digital television transmitters for the BBC.

Arqiva has ordered 24 new Thomson Paragon IOT (inductive output tube) transmitters to service its BBC contract, which involves delivering two digital multiplexes.

Arqiva’s contract with the BBC involves comprehensive digital television coverage throughout the United Kingdom between now and 2012. The company needs a partner that understands its commercial requirements. It must have a highly reliable and stable operation performance. As power costs represent a significant part of its operational expenses, energy efficiency enables the company to be competitive, as well as being environmentally good practice. Arqiva is assured that Thomson has demonstrated these qualities in its transmitter line, and has appointed it as its supplier for the high powered transmitters.

The Thomson Paragon transmitter line has been designed with the requirements of high power digital television sites in mind. Thomson has been working with Arqiva on the development of the product to ensure that it meets the real needs of digital television transmission.

The technology used in the Paragon transmitter achieves unprecedented levels of energy efficiency. While IOT technology is widely recognised to use half the power of solid state transmitters, the unique Thomson technology in Paragon halves the power again over other IOT designs. The result is a reduction of as much as 75% of the operating costs over long contract periods.

The UK is moving rapidly towards all-digital transmission in 2012, and the transmission companies are now establishing their suppliers of key technology.

The BBC contract calls for the transmitters to be delivered in 2008, with an extensive installation programme resulting in the first transmitters going on air on behalf of the BBC in 2009. The UK is phasing its digital switchover by regions and the installation of the new Thomson digital transmitters will follow that phasing, up to the planned completion of the analog switch-off in 2012.


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