SpinVox converts voice to text for Skype users

August 2, 2007

SpinVox and Skype have entered into a deal that will allow Skype users to have their voice messages converted to text via SpinVox’s voice-to-screen products.

When a call is made to a Skype user who isn’t available, the caller can leave a voice mail which SpinVox’s technology will convert into text. The message can then be sent to any screen, such as a mobile phone, PC or PDA.

The service should be launched on Skype by the end of the year and will be available in English, Spanish, French and German, with further languages to be added later.

Skype users will not need to download new software onto their phone in order to use the voice-to-text messaging service.

Skype hasn’t revealed whether SpinVox will replace a similar service from SimulScribe which it announced in February.

The deal marks the first time that SpinVox’s service has been available for VoIP users.


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