LCD TV sales soar in second quarter

Janet Harris

August 8, 2007

LCD TV sales soar in second quarter
According to a new report from DisplaySearch, the 2007 second-quarter was the best quarter ever for LCD TV sales, with sales growing 65 percent year-to-year, to a volume of 19.6 million.

DisplaySearch’s Quarterly PDP Module and TV Shipment and Forecast Report shows a 39 percent increase in LCD revenues compared with the second quarter of 2006, to a record $2.7bn, well ahead of analyst expectations.

Plasma TV sales, on the other hand, fell sharply, with over twice as many LCD TV panels sold compared with plasma for the first time ever among the 40”-or-higher category. The LCD share of the 40″-or-higher category was 68% during the quarter, compared with 42% in the second quarter of 2006.

LPL (Philips) was the top selling LCD brand on a unit basis, followed by AU Optronics and Samsung.

However Samsung had the highest revenues in the quarter, followed by Philips and AUO.


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  1. No wonder the sales have soared, with most shopping malls, airports and railways installing LCD tv’s everwere, they are even being installed on to prodcution lines.

  2. The prices are dropping rapidly, this is one of the major reasons the sales are flying high. So no matter where you look Outdoor Digital Signage is every where.

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