Wearable camera records what you see

Jan Harris

August 15, 2007

Industrial designer Johan Frossen has collaborated with Sony Ericsson to develop a video camera which is worn either around the neck or on the head.

The fish-eye camera and microphone wirelessly transmit data to the user’s mobile phone for storage. It can then be edited and made into a non-fish eye format. It can also be sent to a video sharing site such as You Tube, or to a PC.

Frossen wished to design a device which would not interfere with the user’s lifestyle. Comfort was a major consideration the device is padded to ensure a comfortable fit.

Frossen’s research found that current video cameras require too much attention from users, taking their attention away from whatever activity they are recording. They also require the use of both hands to operate.

The camera is therefore designed to be easy to use. It automatically records whatever the wearer is looking it and requires no input from the user at all.


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