i-Fortuity grows in global VoIP market

August 20, 2007

US-based VoIP service and distribution company, i-Fortuity, has made considerable gains in global online positioning, distribution channels and customer acquisition in the global VoIP market.

Voice over Internet Protocol is the revolutionary new service that is replacing traditional analog phone lines with Internet-based calling. Advantages to VoIP service include free or reduced cost international calling, free business class features and global portability.

As others in the market continue to utilise traditional business models for growth, i-Fortuity’s multi-faceted and flexible business system management is predicted to launch the company into the centre of the global business and the new telecom market.

An Arizona based company, i-Fortuity has taken relevant traffic into new territory with the addition of new technology, and the company’s combination of products and services with responsible pricing, has taken the company past its US borders and into countries like Canada, China and Singapore.

With this increased global awareness of its VoIP Service offering, i-Fortuity's distribution channels have grown to number in the thousands, with more being added in new directions each day. The company has distributors utilising the travel industry, the auto industry and many other non-traditional sales channels to build a base awareness for their domain.

The US is currently third in the world for its adoption of VoIP services, with Europe and China leading the way. The service provider, distributor and end user all make gains with this innovative service on price, mobility and future-proof applications, enabling a dynamic relationship which will produce long-term stability for global communications and its supporting market.


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