Panasonic launches world's first LIFI HDTV

August 23, 2007

Panasonic launches world's first LIFI HDTV
Panasonic is distributing a new line of High Definition LCD Rear Projection Display TVs featuring LIFI technology.

Panasonic’s LIFI HD range includes the LCZ and LCX series.

The LCZ series comes in 61-inch, 56-inch and 50-inch screen sizes, featuring 1080p resolution. They have a glossy black finish with a new floating panel design.

The PT-61LCX70 and PT-56LCX70 models in the LCX series offer 720p resolution.

LIFI is a light fidelity projection display application which ensures image brightness over an extended period of time - the bulb will virtually never need to be replaced.

Panasonic has achieved long life span with exceptional brightness by converting HID (High Intensity Discharge) lamps to LIFI. HID lamps lose their brightness when the electrodes in them deteriorate and the tungsten evaporates.

The light source in the Panasonic LIFI HDTV does not use electrodes, providing a more stable performance together with a longer lifespan.

The technology also provides greatly reduced start-up time - a picture appears just 15 seconds after the set is turned on, compared with the more usual 60 seconds.

This is because the light source does not use electrodes and the LIFI bulb is 1/8 the size found in an HID lamp, allowing the temperature to rise more rapidly.


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