Ipsotek V10 intelligent scene analysis wins Home Office approval

August 29, 2007

Ipsotek’s V10 intelligent scene analysis system is the latest in a line of security products to win approval from the UK Home Office.

Ipsotek’s V10 intelligent scene analysis system satisfied Home Office requirements as an i-LIDS approved secondary detection system for operational alert use in sterile zone monitoring
applications during testing as part of the i-LIDS (Image Library for Intelligent Detection Systems) programme, and will be included in a list of approved security equipment suppliers.

The Home Office Scientific Development Branch is recognising the important role of intelligent video monitoring in providing automatic event detection and so making CCTV more effective.

Training and tests are being made available to manufacturers and academics to assist them in developing robust, dependable VBDS (video-based detection systems).

The aim is to promote robust, dependable analytics systems with the kind of functionality required, as surveillance of public areas and infrastructure sites becomes more and more important.

The CCTV sector has welcomed the testing since it shows government awareness of scene analysis in security as well as the more familiar field of machine vision.


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