VoIP uptake faster in Europe than US

September 6, 2007

Research by TeleGeography has shown that VoIP service uptake continues to accelerate, with growth in Europe easily out-pacing that in the United States.

According to TeleGeography, VoIP subscriptions in Europe has reached just over 20% of households, with the USA reaching just over 15%. They also predict that by 2011, VoIP subscriptions by percentage of households will be double in Europe by comparison to the United States.

Easier access to local network loops, aggressive competition and pricing, and the active participation of major European telecom’s providers, such as British Telecom, France Telecom, and Deutsche Telekom have especially helped push up subscribers in Europe.

Meanwhile, in the USA, new VoIP subscriptions are seeing their biggest growth from cable operators rather than independent VoIP companies, with troubled Vonage especially losing momentum on previous growth.


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