iRiver bundles VoIP and GPS in PMP

September 21, 2007

iRiver have announced plans for a W10 Personal Media Player (PMP), which bundles a host of features together that would normally be expected of more advanced touch phones.

As a PMP it comes fully prepared as well, with FM tuner, AOL XM radio streaming, support for MP3, Ogg, WMA, Mpeg4 and WMV9 audio and video formats, as well as a miniSD expansion slot.

However, it offers more than traditional PMP’s. The W10 is a touchscreen device with a resolution of 480 x 272 at 3-inches, and comes equipped with VoIP, GPS, and Wi-fion top of traditional PMP services.

The W10 also comes supplied with a decent-sized 8 GB memory.

The GPS service works with Skyhook and NAVTEQ maps, accessed via Wi-fi networks rather than directly with a satellite. Because of this, it will only work for US consumers at first, as Europe is not currently covered.

However, the continued consolidation of technologies makes the W10 especially interesting, as the distinction between PMP, Smart Phone, and PDA become increasingly blurred.

Along with the Apple iPhone and Nokia N95, the iRiver W10 promises continues to expand the range of integrated personal media devices.


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